Saturday, March 5, 2016

trump card


A trump card, as you know, can be played as ANY card at any time. It has no definitive identity, forever changing, never lying, never the same.
Would you place a bet in a card game knowing that your opponent had 1 or more trump cards? If you would...lets play poker!
The latest race to the White House down South has been nothing less than the worst in American Reality TV.
Republican Frontrunner Donald "Trump" Drumpf is very much like that card. You'd have to be one very mentally unstable individual to have any faith in this guy...but, as the numbers show, Republicans are gushing over him!
How many groups, people and Nations has he publically slandered now? 199 and rising?
The thing is, whether you love him or hate him, he says things that, apparently, millions of people subscribe to. Right leaning people in any event.
Over the years, I've heard some really crap things first hand that people have said with the caveat "I'm not prejudiced...but"...Many of those people identified as Christian!
When I was a Pastor in Alberta, I was challenged several times after giving people grief for their ugly comments. I never let that poison attitude go unchallenged!
(I was going to site a few examples but thought better of it.) Usually someone would run off to a Senior Pastor and tell a rather one-sided story. I don't make promises...but I promise that I will NEVER take on that role again! Heart breaking!
I was speaking with a pensioner recently about Trump, she said
"Well, people are tired of immigrants taking jobs, buying all the houses and everything, spending top dollar making everything unaffordable. Bringing in drugs, making gangs. They disrespect our Country by not learning and using our Language, disregard our laws and bring their cultural violence here. At least He (Trump) will do something about that in America when He's President"
...WHEN he's President. Apparently this woman has made her mind up. If she were American, she'd vote for him.
I'm sure you're aware of some of the things he's said he would do when elected. If you are NOT familiar with those things, I suggest that you take a lingering sober look into it!
If this man is given the most Powerful title on Earth, the ensuing result will be calamity all over the Globe!
But in all reality, that will NEVER happen. Every Democrat will vote Blue and probably half of the Republicans will follow suit or stay home that day.
So, what type of person backs Trump?
I know, quite well, a Redneck guy here in Vancouver that would. He's a 2-faced, lying, spineless weasel of a man.
He called a man from Iran a "sand nigger" behind his back. I called the guy over and said "Hey ----- tell him to his face what you called him.
You should have seen his denial, back pedaling, grunting, uneasiness! I looked at him and said "Yeah...I thought you'd react like that."
I lost respect for that man on that day. I've heard him utter other poison over the years and called him on it. He denies it all the time!
So yeah. Thats the type of person I think will back Trump. Those spineless jellyfish types who's bark is much louder than their bite.
As far as Trump goes?
He's just the same! He flip flops more than the best of them.
Time will tell.
In the mean time, only if you're safe, would you PLEASE call out anyone talking garbage like Trump does?
(I just TOLD a kid to change the music he had on at the grouphome. "I'm gonna fuck that bitch, gonna get some dope, make 'em choke..."  What ugly garbage!)
My fear is that the Trump brand of "talk" is going to become as acceptable as the lyrics in today's Rap Music. That poisonous Leadership from the Head of State can only lead to a greater disrespect for people, violence towards people and a complete shift of moral fibre cleverly shrouded in Domestic Security...
God balm America!


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  1. Weird times we live in. Very weird indeed.