Thursday, November 20, 2014

What have I been moaning about?

I noticed a few things today that caused to me stop, listen, emphathise and weep. Each story concerned other humans for a change...not ME!  I'm starting to think that its good therapy to get my eyes off of me occasionally.
Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan has work crews in a Provincial park not far from my home. They've been turning Earth, falling trees, disregarding Canadian law and desecrating the area which is also, not to say the least, First Nation's land.
Our local Provincial Government is turning a blind eye to this in spite of the fact that 90% of the effected area's voting (Municipality) population AND the entire City council and Mayour's Office opposes the tresspass. The Federal Government is mute, not surprising.
In all of this, a group of people of varying ages and backgrounds set up camp in opposition and in the direct path of the work. A protest to be sure. Young and old lived in make-shift tents on the mountain for many days.
The American corporation is suing several people for assault ( see twitter #mykmface ) which is a fear tactic that frightens me! I have no money.
The protesters didn't budge...until today.
Canada's RCMP and at least 4 other Police forces swooped down this morning and arrested the protestors and will now dismantle the camp with the help from Kinder Morgan employees.
This is American PRIVATE corporate greed influencing the Law Makers and Law Keepers of Canada. I pray their wealth turns to burning gravel in their stomachs.
I pray that the minds of the Canadian puppets carrying out this evacuation will question their beliefs as many Canadians are doing today.
What I've noticed: The protestors, on OUR behalf took a stand! What have YOU taken a stand for? What WILL you stand for?

I pulled into a vender today to get the scheduled donation as usual. I saw Laura whom you will probably never meet.
We chatted the way we do every day...but today I noticed something in her eyes.
I can't recall why, but I told her that I was recently diagnosed depressed and that I was taking a few steps towards personal relief and wellness. She lost it.
Laura, who is my age and single suffers too. She shared her personal struggles, some break throughs and some lows. Her condition has cost her 2 relationships.
She asked me about meds because she is dealing with it with vitamins. I'll will employ some of her wisdom.
She cried and asked me "Lance, do you know what the hardest part of all of this is for me?"  I admitted that I didn't know.
She said  "I hate that its all emotional. Its all in my head. I can't stop it I can't control it and I don't want to admit it!"
Look around, you may notice someone who could do with a smile.

There's a guy where I work. You may not meet him, but you should.
Often there are stigmas attached to the circumstances surrounding those in need and the barriers they face. Enter Al.
Two unimaginable tragedies sent his life into a downward spiral of depression and despair. In 2002, a drunk driver murdered Al's son who was only 11 years old. Incomprehensibly, his daughter of 14 died of brain cancer just 2 years later.
In the blink of an eye, Al lost his children and alcoholism, numbness, depression and lack of caring engulfed him.
Today...AL is coping. I enjoy seeing him several times a week at work. He's cheerful, funny, full of optimism and carrying on.
We could learn from Al.

Tonight after therapy, one of those hold-up-the-mirror type of therapy sessions, I bumped into John also called Frank outside of Tim Horton's. He was in search of a battery for an incredibly gaudy wrist watch he was wearing. The watch must have weighed 3 pounds and screamed Tijuana but John Frank was proud of it.He shuffled down the street and I assured him that I'd wait for him to return. I don't like waiting by the way.
Minutes later, John Frank showed up sad. His battery was worth $17 apparently. He got the watch from a guy that owed him money. Shifty little dude, but I like him. 2 Vancouver Police members eating soup in Tim Hortons watched us with earnest...I watched them watch us keeping the peace.
I wanted to cross the road with John Frank and take him for a beer in the bar...but I had a moment of brilliance and reconciled in my humble opinion, that he didn't really need another beer...ever.
I bid him fare well and walked away.

So whats my application in response to this day? What, if anything, should I do?
I think I'm going to continue to interact with humanity with eyes wide open, ears at the ready and my mouth initially kept shut whilst LISTENING to the stories of the brothers and sisters set before me.
Many are people have had a harder go of it than me!
But the greatest reminder today comes from a previous tweet which I mentioned in therapy:

"The pursuit of happiness must be navigated by Self because no other human will always go out of their way to make you happy"

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