Friday, January 9, 2015

The energetic passion of ignorant hatred

My favourite colour is green. My favourite shade of green is the full, deep colour of holly leaves. You can't refute this claim, it is the truth.
The BEST colour is green! THIS you may challenge because it's not an accurate statement. I'm lead to believe, albeit with astonishment, that some of you have a different colour preference. Oh're wrong and I'll leave it at that.
Our World is shaking violently with horrific atrocities that men and women commit against one another. Random terrorist attacks, brutal public floggings, inner city murders, rural crime, Government fraud and horrific murders carried out by World Leaders and uber-rich corporate heads.
All of these are perpetuated by ignorance, fear, greed and hatred. AND our children are watching and learning!
You may shout WHAT OF RELIGION?
What occurred in France this week was NOT blessed by the Quran or any other "sacred" writings.
I'm not aware of any religion that promotes the above list. Most faith systems encourage quite the opposite. Things like loving the outcast, sharing what you have, live and let live etc.
Alas, humans muck things up.
Indeed this is fodder for  "coffee talk"  but really, I think I'm correct here.
Consider Vancouver's own Veronica Madore. She started the Facebook group called
Now I'm not about to suggest that she could carry out mass crimes against humanity, indeed I'm sure she hasn't the guts to hurt a fly.
But Veronica and I don't seem to share the same opinions on soup kitchens, homelessness, mental health issues, poverty, housing, get my drift. I'd LOVE a coffee with her.
All this to point out that we all have different loves and likes. Unique tapestries that make humanity so beautifully diverse and interesting.
But I'd love it in the words of Rodney King "if we could all just get along"
As I sit indoors listening to Neil Young and pecking this out on my computer, I wonder about the most Primitive Humans on this Earth (compared to my socioeconomic wealth) they seem to share.
I don't think murders and thievery occur within Indigenous Tribes in the far reaches of our Continents. Maybe I'm wrong?
Hatred takes energy. Love is difficult, Tolerance is tricky and forgiveness may be the greatest struggle mankind embarks upon. Vengeance is far too easy a copout. 
Where the hell did we go wrong?
We've lost our way.
Every single day, I watch people go out of their way to avoid people. Some in fact shared with me to what great lengths they actually go in order to avoid certain "types of people". We're all guilty of this, don't kid yourself. I'm not even able to stoop to grasp a stone let alone cast it.
I have a young friend with autism. I love him. We spend time together at least once the week. This past Wednesday I found a packet of cigarettes on the pavement. I picked it up...18 sticks inside. I told my young ward that I'd give the smokes to a fellow I know who has no money.
The boy looked confused but after lengthy discussion, he gave me permission to pass on the packet.
He was concerned about the man's health you see.
We've much to learn...and so much more to forget.
May your God go with you.


  1. Funny I was just thinking the same thing. People have such different opinions. Some I agree with some I don't and some I can't for the life of me understand where they can come up with that thought pattern. But then when I sit back I start to wonder why they think that way, what are the circumstances that have brought them to this point. Frustration seems to fade away to compassion.

  2. Very well said Gremlin! I miss you my Brother.