Sunday, December 21, 2014

Looking for the crusts of bread I meant to leave

Here on the West Coast of BC, we don't really experience winter in the traditional Canadian way.
We get RAIN, sleet and the odd dump of wet snow that buggers off within 2 days (It does however completely cripple the buses...) However, the chances of tightening up your skates to hit the ice on any local pond, river or waterway is merely fantasy. Best use those gifted hockey sticks to annoy your neighbours by passing tins down the alleys like we used to.
Back in the 70"s, my parents (new to Canada and evidently had heard of winter horrors) bought me a steel SpeedAway sled. I was the first on my block to have such a relic that was shite useless on damp snow slopped grades on top of even the steepest of green grassy hills. The sled dug in fast rupturing my internal organs as all of the other kids with more in tune parents whizzed past on wooden toboggans, plastid dishes and saucers.
Still, I love my parents no end! Fond memories of Harry trying his damnedest to shove me down the hill on Burnaby Mountain at the (then Teahouse) to no avail as everyone else blasted by with shrieks of joy and terror.
Envy? No. Embarrassment ? Yes
What the hell...flash ahead 40 years.
How are you after you've been misunderstood AGAIN?
Mum and dad rolled with it.
Chose your personal scenario. The one where you thought that you were prfectly concise and clear and things went sideways...or at least, wobbly. Maybe driving directions, cooking instruction or trying your damnedest to convey the meeting place.
or your point of view....
I'm first to admit that I hate being wrong (and I'll fight it like you do!)  But I REALLY hate being seen as wrong when I'm accurate!
How do you respond when you're right?
Like a fool, I shut up 8 of 10 times. But I don't know why.
CAVEAT:  it's a very long calendar that I'm right 8/10
Are we frightened to seem holier than thou? To come off  hyper- intellectual , snotty or in desperate need to evaluate ourselves?
Maybe...God bless us, we don't want dummies to feel dumb.
I ramble again...sorry.
On a few occasions this week end I felt like I was the lesser humanoid in the room.
I'm willing to bet that this was due in part to my own broken perception of what was occurring at any given time, but...if you look upon posts in any news story, people are harsh! We've lost the Love!
So all this to say,  without the foresight of proofread, I'm all right mate, I'm no longer expecting your validation or approval but I crave your input!


  1. I don't mind admitting I'm wrong. I hate, though, when I'm sure I'm right, but the other person won't back down. It is so hard for me to leave that. Brings up all sorts of issues internally, makes me wonder why that is SO important emotionally.

  2. Being right is a double edged blade. sometimes the only consolation I get in many situations is to know I am right and to know that I can change if the facts show otherwise. Us humans suffer from cognitive dissonance, a sickness

  3. Oops... a sickness where, among other things, we re-enforce our wrong thoughts whenever possible, even when the facts are irrefutable, because having our thoughts and beliefs is so damn uncomfortable and would mean we have to think two things that contradict each other.asically, we hold to our beliefs in spite of reality

  4. I am having trouble posting today, man. Suffice to say, the frustration with arguing with people when they are blatantly wrong has become a waste of energy for me, and disrupts my otherwise sarcastically happy demeanor. I just say, "Vaya con Dios" these days. No one learns it if they refuse to listen.